We make realizing your software projects feel less like playing whack-a-mole and more like a fine dining experience.

We are a delightful mix of innovative, motivated and highly skilled software engineers.

Outstanding university education, many years of experience in the development of complex software applications and high quality standards are the ingredients of our services. We love to work and we love to work together. Our solutions are crafted in accordance with the latest models in project management and software development. The more demanding a project is and the higher the requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability are, the better it suits us.

There are better places to order food -
but no better place to finish your project.

Just let the lobster eat your problems.

The lobster is a fascinating animal. Highly specialized, efficient and perfectly adapted to its ecosystem. It does not age biologically and can live up to 140 years. It is a delicacy, not cheap, but extremely tasty. This makes it the perfect symbol for our company. Its traits are featured in our professional experience, knowledge and specialization in complex software projects. And like the lobster, we are not cheap, but every bit(e) is worth the price.